028 Nikk Conneman – Passionate for Compassionate Healthcare

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028 Nikk Conneman – Passionate for Compassionate Healthcare

Nikk Conneman M.D. is a Neonatologist and yoga practitioner who focuses on compassionate care for newborns with serious health problems and their families.


Nikk is working to change a healthcare system that encourages health care workers to avoid emotional involvement with their patients and families.  Nikk practices and teaches deep presence in the situations he is involved in, which often involve high mortality rates for the infants he is treating.  Nikk is also the director of the NIDCAP training program at Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  He travels extensively teaching patient and family centered individualized care.

Additionally, having attended the yoga teacher training where my wife and I met, Nikk and I catch up on old times!

As I mention in the beginning of the episode, I wish every healthcare professional could hear this one – I think it’s that important.


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Chris has been practicing both yoga and architecture for over 15 years. He combines them in his Yoga and Design for Conscious Living blog, and believes that the essence of yoga is found in the quality of the relationships we build with ourselves, others, and the world.

  • ChrisC

    Dear Chris,
    I just discovered your Practically Conscious podcasts and I feel like I’ve struck it rich! Your podcasts are interesting, meaningful, and full of variety. I have been studying yoga for many years — since I was 15 and I’m 62 now. I’m retiring in a little over a month and one of my main objectives for retirement is to deepen my yoga and meditation practice. Lucky me! These podcasts give me great food for thought, lists of books to read, yoga videos to do, and comments for my Journal. Thank you so very, very much.
    Chris C.

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