Best Yoga on the Web – Friday, November 15, 2013

Best Yoga on the Web

Best Yoga on the Web – Friday, November 15,…

For yoga teachers and serious students, “Best Yoga on the Web” is your hand-picked guide to this week’s best of the best yoga from around the world.  This week – Dean Ornish, Sadhguru, Dharma Mittra, Metamorphose Yoga Studio

Dean Ornish

ornish spectrum

Dean Ornish is one of the truly incredible yogis that many people don’t even realize is a yogi.  He has as been a huge inspiration for me over the years, since I read his book, Reversing Heart Disease after my father’s death due to a heart attack.  Ornish, as young medical student in the late 70’s and early 80’s proposed the, at the time, radical idea that heart disease could be reversed through healthy lifestyle choices, including yoga.  The medical community thought his ideas were crazy and dangerous, but Dr Ornish persevered and his studies have proven that heart disease and many other diseases can be prevented or reversed through a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ornish spent time with yoga guru Swami Satchidananda Saraswati who influenced Ornish’s development of his holistic perspective on preventive health.  Dr. Ornish’s, program, called the Ornish Spectrum, is Medicare approved and is based on four pillars: nutrition, stress reduction, love & support, and fitness.   Dean is also the Founder and President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.


under a new benefit category, “intensive cardiac rehabilitation.” – See more at:
under a new benefit category, “intensive cardiac rehabilitation.” – See more at:
under a new benefit category, “intensive cardiac rehabilitation.” – See more at:

Jaggi Vasudev also known as Sadhguru is a yogi from India.  He has ashram’s in India and the United States, and has initiated various programs, including Project Greenhands, an ecological program which has been responsible for planting over 17 million trees.  The annual gatherings at his Isha Yoga Center now attract an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people, pretty impressive numbers!  Watch his TED Talk to get an overview of his ideas;

Dharma Mittra


Funny how you meet people sometimes.  I was scheduled for a 3 week retreat with my longtime instructor and friend Bryan Kest when a hurricane caused the trip to be canceled.  With free time from the cancellation, I stumbled upon a weeklong retreat with Dharma Mittra, whom I didn’t know anything about at the time.  The retreat was at a beautiful center on long island, and I was one of only 5 people, so I got to spend some good quality time getting to know Dharma.  A showman at heart, Dharma enjoys the attention he gets from his amazing physical skills, but for him yoga is ultimately about reducing your wants, leading a contented life, and being kind to all.

About Dharma Mittra’s classic poster

He made the poster by hand.  Dharma Mittra set his camera’s timer, ran in front of the camera, got into position and — click. He did that 908 times. He then hand cut each image and pasted it onto the background board with Om symbol and photographed the result.  You can get a copy here.


Metamorphose Yoga Studio

metamorphose yoga exterior

If you ever find yourself on the island of Kauai, don’t miss Metamorphose, a small, beautiful, out-of-the-way gem of a yoga studio.  The realization of a dream of friends Carol Dumeyer & Snehan Born, the vibe is pure Hawaii.  Practicing here is amazing—with windows on both sides, you are constantly refreshed by clean, natural breezes and the setting is absolutely beautiful.  And the most wonderful part?  Tea is offered after class, making it a great place to meet fellow travelers or get a tips from local yogis on places to see and things to do.

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