Best Yoga on the Web – Friday, December 20, 2013

Best Yoga on the Web

Best Yoga on the Web – Friday, December 20,…

For yoga teachers and serious students, “Best Yoga on the Web” is your hand-picked guide to this week’s best of the best yoga and meditation from around the world.  This week – Matthew Sanford, a nice article, meditation and the tech industry, a Christmas yoga workshop, and managing holiday stress.

Matthew Sanford

I was reminded that not everyone knows the amazing work and story of yoga instructor Matthew Sanford.  Any serious yoga student or instructor should be aware of him, period.


The Fear and Fun of Yoga Transformation

pranayama studio

It’s always nice to see what’s happening in the yoga world in some of the quieter, less-hyped parts of the community.  I found this really nice little article in the Rock River Times, by Jennie Williford, the owner and sole instructor at Pranayama Yoga Studio in Rockford, Illinois.  She describes the yoga experience in a simple, fun, accessible, and charming way.  Here’s a quote from the article,

Working with and through poses that are either fearful or fun provides us with opportunities to recognize our usual mental disturbance, and then challenges us to bring our mind to a quieter, more balanced place. Given only “comfortable” and “easy” poses in yoga can deprive us of this opportunity to transform our mental reactions for real-life challenges.

You can read the entire article here.


Another Article on Meditation and the Tech Industry

For companies like Google and Intel, “meditation is becoming the new fuel behind their work.”  Here’s the latest article at Computer World.


Looking to Make it a Yoga Christmas?

Sivananda Yoga Farm 2

It’s last minute, but you can still join Kailas Chaitanya for a weeklong workshop December 22 – December 27 at the Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley California.  Kailas will be covering Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and classical Vedanta philosophy.  It sounds to be a fairly intense workshop, beginning every morning with a 6 am silent meditation, two 2 hour physical practices per day, and concludes each day with a satsang that ends at 10pm.  There will be a Christmas feast on December 24th.  If I was anywhere near Grass Valley, CA, I’d be tempted to go to this one.

If you Can’t Escape the Relatives at Christmas...

christmas meditation

Life Hacker re-posted this article by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits which provides suggestions for how to turn your holidays with the relatives into a meditation practice.  You can see my take on the subject here.

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