Today is the Most Exciting Day of My life, So Let’s Share It !


Today is So Exciting for Me, Because it’s About You

How it that?

Well, while back, I took and extended break from teaching yoga and meditation to a large group of students at my local studio in Washington DC, to live in my wife’s small historic town in the Czech Republic.  As my students and I were coming up with ways to stay in touch and for me to continue to provide teaching and advice, I discovered this wonderful new opportunity to share my passion for yoga and design in a totally new way, here on the web.  We are now based back in DC, but that experience has led to so many opportunities to share this amazing experience of awakening.

We Yogis Need New Ways to Connect

That period in the Czech Republic inspired the launch of my website, and my podcast, Practically Conscious, and resulted in a whole new world, a new opportunity to connect, to give… a whole new purpose for my life.  What could be more exciting than that?

I’ve been teaching, studying, and practicing yoga, meditation, and conscious awareness for years.  The results in my own life have been amazing, beyond belief really.  And I have been able to help thousands of students – and I could think of nothing more rewarding than to expand that circle of giving.

Welcome to My Best Next Step

So what do I want to do with this next step on the web?  I want to teach you everything I know about yoga, meditation, self transformation, and living a yoga lifestyle.

Yep.  Everything.

My unique point of view as a teacher is that I also spend a lot of time in the corporate world as an architect.  In other words, I’ve got the theory, the practice, and the practical point of view of how to use these tools in the real world, to address real world issues and problems.  The results are less stress, more balance, a healthy lifestyle, prosperity, and peace and joy.

So, my teaching and my conversations with everyone from experts to students on the podcast is really about you.  I’m here to listen.  Feel free to e-mail me, post comments, leave suggestions, and I’m always happy to connect and help in any way that I can.

Simple Steps to Get You Feeling Amazing

I want your results to be amazing.  No matter where you are and what your struggles, there is a path to peace, happiness, and enlightenment.  And there is no need for it to be a long journey.  It can happen now.

I’ll share what I know.  And my wish is that will inspire you to action!

Today really is the most exciting day of my life, so let’s share in it!

Lots of love,


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