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I had the great honor of talking with Bryan Kest, one of the world’s best know and influential yoga teachers.  Bryan is the founder of Power Yoga and travels the world teaching thousands of student per year.  He was kind enough to spend enough time with me that we had to break the episode into two parts.  We discuss a wide range of topics related to consciousness & awakening including:

  • How life, including your challenges and injuries can be your best teacher.
  • Being ok with where you are and not taking life too seriously.
  • The importance of not bringing competitiveness into your yoga practice.
  • The great impact of Vipassana in Bryan’s life


You can find Bryan on Facebook at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, as well as see his workshop schedule and online yoga classes at


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Beyond Minimalism: Embracing Abundance


Beyond Minimalism Embracing Abundance
I made space in my life for new things and as if by magic, the woman who became my wife appeared. Tulum, Mexico 2009


Minimalism has always had a certain allure.

To me, minimalism represents the mid-point of the journey to enlightenment.  When you are ready to embrace minimalism, you’ve realized that all the external things you’ve accumulated to make you happy – the cars, the fancy shoes, the houses, the big screen TVs, the high income job you don’t like, drugs, alcohol, whatever your poison – they just don’t work.  You’ve realized that trying to obtain happiness through things outside of yourself is short lived and hollow.  So you begin to think minimalism is the answer.  Well, minimalism is a great step, maybe even necessary, but only a step along the journey.

You Must Embrace Minimalism Before You Can Move Beyond It

My own realization that I needed minimalism started with piling up stuff that, rather than providing satisfaction, left a hollow feeling – my library grew to over 3,000 books focused on “deep stuff” – my ego’s status symbol for intelligence.  I also collected lots of sports toys – skis, snowboards, bikes, golf clubs, windsurfers, surf boards, you name it.  Don’t get me wrong, I used the stuff, but they certainly weren’t essential.  I sometimes bought clothes I bought but never wore, you get the idea.

As I let my life fill with a lot of junk, one of the biggest rationalizations was, “I may need that some day,” which allowed for the purchase of a shiny new object and its fleeting promise of happiness.  To make things worse, in addition to stuff piling up in my apartment, I also had my own permanent storage area – the basement of my mom’s house.  This was where I could keep all those “important” things “I may need some day.” 

Letting Minimalism In

I will go over a few ways I have used minimalism over the years and how they have led to abundance, but if you feel at this point you only want to dive into minimalism, I recommend Joshua & Ryan over at  They have a ton of great practical advice for how to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The primary minimalist streak in my life was in my 20’s.  It was a reaction to aspects of me that were both positive and negative: 

1.   I realized that buying stuff to make me happy wasn’t working.

2.   I was afraid of commitment.  I liked being able to pack up and leave for somewhere at a moment’s notice. 

3.   I was drawn to a solitary lifestyle – not the lifelong commitment to poverty and austerity, but the idea of having plenty of time to contemplate life’s big questions.

4.   I was cheap – my biggest minimalist streak was during college – being a poor graduate student can make minimalism both attractive and necessary.

A Few of My Minimalist Experiments

For my first semester in architecture school, I furnished my room with 3 things (8 if you count bedding).   Those three things were a mattress on the floor, a lamp, and an alarm clock.  I also had a closet, in which I kept the minimal amount of clothes, my school books, a backpack, and a picture of my girlfriend.  I guess keeping the picture of the girlfriend in the closet was a bad sign for that relationship.

During some of my early years as an architect, I kept my belongings to only those that could fit in my car.  This way I could live easily with friends – take over an extra bedroom without being too much of a nuisance.  I was able to live with a very light imprint, yet with my car I was able to travel and spend time with the many friends who were within driving distance.

I Still Occasionally Embrace Minimalism

vegMinimalism for specific aspects of your life is great for figuring out the difference between what you need and what you want.

A recent example for me was, my minimalist diet.  I will cover this in more detail in another essay, but I recently did a cleanse.  The basics were these – I went about one week on water only, one week on vegetable juices (no fruits in order to cut as much sugar as possible from my diet), then two weeks on vegetable juices and solid vegetables plus a small amount of nuts.

These experiments may be considered extreme by some, yet other people have gone much further, and in the case of my cleanse, I was under doctor supervision.  Through all of my minimalist experiments, I always had a roof over my head, a bed, and I’ve always had food available if I wanted it.

Minimalism Made Me a Trend Setter!

I was the first person I knew of to get rid of a land line phone (some minimalists have no phone at all). 

I stopped wearing a watch as soon as I realized the phone in my pocket told me the time. 

I’ve gone for years at a time without TV (our current furnished apartment came with a TV).

Beyond Minimalism: Embracing Abundance

And yet, minimalism is a great step, but only a step along the journey.

As the Buddha found, I found also – stripping everything from your life doesn’t necessarily lead to any sort of great insights or awakening.  These experiments have been very beneficial.  In each case, I was able to find exactly how far I could go in terms of cutting the unnecessary from my life.  I was then able to carefully add things back, only as deemed necessary.

Embracing minimalism for minimalism’s sake misses the point.  Deprivation is not a way to fully participate in the world.  Minimalism’s principles can, however, form the foundations of a more mature lifestyle.  The lifestyle of abundance.

From the outside, a lifestyle of abundance can easily be mistaken for a lifestyle cravings (the place you were at before you discovered minimalism).  But there is a big difference. 

The Lifestyle of Abundance Recognizes Some Basic Truths;

1.   You have to be willing to get rid of anything and everything in your life.  At death all physical things will fade away anyway, so you might as well lose your attachment to things right now.  With this attitude comes liberation.  If you don’t like your job, quit.  If your partner stuck with you for years, but things are broken beyond repair, leave.  Anything with negative energy, get rid of it.  Don’t hang on to anything that is not working.

2.   Cleaning out makes space for abundance.  Cleaning out, physically and mentally, allows you the freedom to be yourself. 

3.   You must remove unnecessary thoughts.  Creating space in your mind is one of the best things you can do to allow for your life to be filled with abundance.  Not easy, but it is definitely possible.  I’ll discuss this in more detail in another essay, but a great place to start removing unnecessary thoughts from your mind is with my recommendations in Best Yoga on the Web, November, 1, 2013, the meditation spectacular!

4.   Once you have created space in your life, trust and go with the flow.  You will be amazed at the opportunities that organically grow and present themselves to you.

This is What Abundance Looks Like

Mexico,TTC 2I had been going from one relationship to another, always with a fear that I might be left alone in life, with no one.  But the relationships were never working out.  Things would be bad, but I would keep holding on.  Eventually I got up the courage to decide that I would remove those negative relationships from my life.  This was the minimalist stage for me, relationship wise.  I created the void, and it was scary and lonely.  Eventually I became quite comfortable with being alone, and greatly enjoyed the time I got to spend with myself. 

After a number of years of embracing a minimalist lifestyle where I had friends, but no primary partner and almost no possessions, I came to realize that minimalism was not the answer for me.  I realized that minimalism as an end point was keeping me from fully participating in life.  So I began to make efforts to allow for life to enter into my life.  I knew that this would also mean allowing in a certain amount of chaos and messiness that comes with real life.

It took a while, but I’ve learned to leave space in my life, planning a lot less, and allowing for life to unfold naturally.  I still have very little in terms of possessions, but my life has filled with abundance beyond anything I could have imagined.

One of the biggest changes for me in allowing for abundance was in the realm of relationships.  I went to a yoga retreat at Maya Tulum, Mexico, in 2009.  I was extremely open, and the void was filled with the wonderful person who became my wife.  Darina has been a fountain of abundance, yet only one of the many amazing things that have come into my life now that I am open to all that life has to offer.

delivery room b&wA current example, we decided to move to the Czech Republic to have our baby.  We were living in Washington DC, paying tons of money to live in a small apartment, and that wasn’t feeling abundant.  Plus, we were surprised to learn that the cost of having a baby in the United States is tens of thousands of dollars more than in any other industrialized nation.  We were open to possibilities and it gradually began to make sense to have our baby in my wife’s home country, the Czech Republic. We didn’t make a conscious decision to make it happen, all we did was decide to be open and the path presented itself.

We are currently still in Czech for a few more months.  The internet allows us to remain connected to our jobs, our clients, and our families.  Amazingly, we are now living in the same size apartment as in Washington DC, yet the cost of our apartment is 8% of what we were paying in DC.  That is not a typo… we reduced our housing costs by 92%!  Talk about abundance!

And my wife’s home town?  It is like living in a fairy tale…

stramberk-1 b&w


Abundance Flows

The medical care during my wife’s pregnancy and our child’s birth turned out to be much better than we would have received in the US.  There was a palpable difference – in the United States, we always felt as if we were being rushed to that doctors and nurses could get on to the next patient.  Here, we felt as if we were allowed to take as long as we needed.  After birth, plus four days in the hospital, my wife decided she needed another day in the hospital.  No problem, no rush, and the amazing staff made us feel more than welcome.  Abundance. 

The apartment we got turned out to be within walking distance of my wife’s parents, so they are able to help with the baby and I have been able to get to know them better.  Abundance. 

And our apartment in the Czech Republic?  It came furnished.  Not in a minimalist style, but in the style a lady who lived her whole life there before passing on.  Our furnished apartment is filled with wonderful things, not minimalist, but in a style from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  We stumbled into a fun, funky place of abundance.

Always be on the lookout to clear what is not necessary out of your life, and be open to allowing your life to be filled with good things.  Ultimately, we shouldn’t get rid of things just to be minimalists.  Don’t get attached to things.  Remove what isn’t working.  And accept that abundance in your life is inevitable… if you allow it.

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Break Through to Happiness: Practicing Yoga at Home

The 6 invaluable tools for yoga at home that I use daily…

Life is wonderful!  We are blessed to live in an age where we don’t have to travel to India to find that one yogi rumored to provide the breakthrough to happiness.  It is now so easy to practice yoga at home – we can throw on a podcast or try a youtube video and experiment almost endlessly.  The downside of this is that, particularly for someone just beginning their path, it’s easy to get lost among the multitude of options.

Although I’m always one to experiment and try new things, I started my journey by doing yoga at home – I was shy about going to a class where I was sure everyone would be flexible and skilled and I would be the inflexible new guy.  Now, many years on, I teach group classes and enjoy taking them occasionally, but my personal practice has returned to primarily a home practice.

You can benefit from my experience with yoga at home, because through my experimentation over the years, I’ve found a few books, audio books, and videos that are very dear to me – resources that helped me to break through to happiness – to make steps in personal growth in my life.  These are resources that I hold close, and use often.  For this article I picked my favorite two videos, two books, and two audio books – think of me as your filter, steering you to the best of the best.  I recommend for balance that you try to do a little reading, a little audio, and a little video every day.


Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

advanced yoga practice video bryan kest

This is where it all started for me, and I recommend Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga to beginners and advanced yogis alike.  Talk about destiny, I originally picked this up as a random VHS purchase in a bookstore.  The VHS had only the second class in this series, the one called “Tone” and that’s the class you should start with.  I wore that original tape out, often using it to practice twice a day.  I love the way Bryan strips the dogma from the practice and makes it truly practical and accessible.  He makes it all seem so simple that it took me a few years of listening over and over before I picked up on the depth of what he was saying.  Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and the seeming “westernness” of this video by the inventor of Power Yoga – Bryan is the real deal, having practiced and studied in India back in the 1980’s before it became a popular thing to do.  Now that Bryan has become a dear friend, we can all make fun of how he dressed in these videos, which do have an early 90’s feel!  Bryan Kest is also an accomplished meditation teacher and practitioner and the owner of Santa Monica Power Yoga, the place many advanced yogis consider consider to be the hub of yoga in the western hemisphere.  Bryan also offers online classes at


Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley

advanced yoga practice video paul grilley dvd

I found Paul Grilley after I had been teaching a while and he was recommended as the expert when it comes to anatomy.  He has an excellent anatomy video which basically teaches that all of us have different shaped bones, therefore none of us will look the same in poses.  This forms the core of Paul’s physical practice philosophy that each of us has to find our own path within our own unique anatomy.  Having said that about his anatomy DVD, the video I am recommending here is Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quite Practice, which is truly a physical and mental practice for the advanced yogi.  When I was younger, I could have never imagined holding poses for five minutes at a time, so this is definitely a mature practice, but if you give it a try, I think you will love it.  I’ve gotten used to the reactions when I teach yin – especially from people who have been practicing flow classes for a while… they are often blown away by how a yin class can access new places within, both physically and mentally.  I will eventually be offering one of my yin classes on this site, but until then, I can’t recommend this video highly enough.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

advanced yoga practice audio eckhart

Eckhart Tolle has been a key personal influence in the growth of my practice beyond the physical and into the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.  I had the pleasure of studying with Eckhart at a few of his workshops, and he is truly an enlightened soul.  More than his books – this audio book, where you can hear the words directly, can have a profound impact leading to direct personal transformation.  The message is simple, but the depth of the work makes it worth going back to again and agian.


The End of Your World by Adyashanti

advanced yoga practice audio adyashanti

I think of this audiobook by Adyashanti as a sort of companion to Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now audiobook.  They both speak from person experience, but where Eckhart’s awakening was direct, deep, immediate, and lasting, Adyashanti’s was more gradual.  Because of this Adyashanti’s experience is, perhaps for some, more accessible.  Another thing I love about this audiobook, he goes into great depth about what it is like to live in an awakened state.  He covers the gradual transform process into presence – the experience of tasting it, then dropping back into the real world; how it can feel lonely and scary to leave behind friends and lifestyles that no longer work for you; how awakening is not a state of pure bliss and how to aproach what you find along the path in a balanced way.  This audiobook is an invaluable tool for self inquiry.


I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

advanced yoga practice book i am that

I found Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj fairly early in my practice, before I started a physical practice, and before I even started called what I was doing yoga.  I was wandering around desperately searching for answers – something that would release the deep unease and inner pain I was feeling.  I was reading a lot of philosophy at the time, and I cam across this book I AM THAT, by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Do you think it helped?  I read the first 10 pages or so and it made no sense to me!  Fast forward about 10 years – 10 years of physical and mental practice, plus an awakening experience, and when I found the book in my library and took a look at it again, it was like meeting an old friend who knew exactly what I was experiencing and could speak deeply about what life was like for me.  So I can’t say that this book will resonate for you, especially since I had to get to a certain stage in my personal growth before I could appreciate it.  But it is definitely worth a try.


Courage by Osho

advanced yoga practice book osho courage

Courage, The Joy of Living Dangerously, by Osho is an incredibly inspiring book. Osho was an amazing figure – brash, controvercial, challenging – hated by many in his native India while alive – he is now cherished as a philosopher and teacher of enlightenment.  Courage is challenging, inspiring, comforting, and at its core, full of love.  The book reads like a manifesto, constantly pushing you to towards your fears, encouraging you to embrace them, love them, and ultimately find ways to move beyond them.  I found the book a joy to read the first time, and I go back to it often.  My copy has more words underlined, starred and highlighted than there are words left alone!



So that’s it,  the 6 books, audio books, and videos I for doing yoga at home on a daily basis.  I hope this helps you cut through the flood of information out there so, instead of spending all of your time distractedly searching for stuff, you can get these and spend the time truly moving your practice to a deeper, more fulfilling, and rewarding space.


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