How We Can Change the World, in 3 Short Paragraphs

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How We Can Change the World, in 3 Short…

how we can change the world

An incredible interview with Eckhart Tolle took place on September 11, 2001, the day of the attacks on the United States. Rather than cancelling the interview, Eckhart talked compassionately about our collective insanity, from the world wars to that day’s events and how each one of us, suffering from the tyranny of our own minds, contributes to the collective insanity.

At this time of great tragedy, Eckhart was surprisingly hopeful, explaining that more people than ever are experiencing awakening—moving beyond their minds and coming to a place of truth and internal peace.  In other words, the way to cure our collective insanity is to wake up one person at a time. 

This is at the root of my passion for pointing people towards conscious awareness—the realization that awakening is not only incredibly beneficial for us as individuals, but collectively it has the potential to have huge benefits for us as a society. By taking care of ourselves first, we can change the world and bring peaceful sustainability to the planet.  I really believe it is that easy.

Chris Brown

Chris has been practicing both yoga and architecture for over 15 years. He combines them in his Yoga and Design for Conscious Living blog, and believes that the essence of yoga is found in the quality of the relationships we build with ourselves, others, and the world.

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