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019 Bernie Clark – Working With The Hidden Causes…

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In this episode of Practically Conscious, I talk with Bernie Clark,

author, practitioner, and Yin Yoga expert.  Through his extensive research and writing Bernie has become one of the most well known and beloved teachers of Yin Yoga.

Bernie shares a wealth of valuable information about the benefits of Yin, and I hope he inspires you to make this practice a regular part of your life.


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Useful links from the show:

Paul Grilley

Sarah Powers

Erich Shiffmann

Bernie can be found at:

www.yinyoga.com – do spend some time exploring Bernie’s website.  It’s a  bit old school, but if you use the navigation tools on the left side, you can find an incredible amount of information on poses, teachers, history of yin, and more.


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Best Yoga on the Web

Best Yoga on the Web – Friday, November 29…

For yoga teachers and serious students, “Best Yoga on the Web” is your hand-picked guide to this week’s best of the best yoga from around the world.  This week – Yin Yoga – including Paul Grilley & Suzee Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Joe Barnett, and Paulie Zink

No serious yoga student or teacher should be without a yin yoga practice.  Yin provides the only way I have found to deeply touch and keep healthy the ligaments, connective tissue, and joints of our bodies.  Additionally the slow pace of yin, with its long holds, provides plenty of opportunity for meditation within the practice.  If you are new to yin or want to deepen your yin practice, here are the best yoga on the web resources for yin…

Paul Grilley & Suzee Grilley

Any “Best of Yin Yoga” has to start with Paul Grilley.  Although Paul was influenced by a number of teachers, he is the person responsible for defining yin as a specific style of yoga  and is also at the center of yin’s increasing importance as a physical practice.  I first came upon Paul as  the expert in yoga anatomy.  His excellent Anatomy for Yoga video is both scientific and practical in it’s explanation of our bodies.  His conclusions have the power to change forever how you look at the physical practice of yoga.

About 10 years into my physical practice, Paul’s DVD  Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quite Practice, completely transformed my physical practice.  If you are new to yin, this DVD is a must have introduction.  If you want to go deeper into the study of yin, you can find information about Paul and Suzee’s trainings at www.paulgrilley.com.


Sara Powers


Sarah Powers was an accomplished yogi when she met and became one of Paul Grilley’s students.  Deeply influenced by Paul’s style, Sara came up with the yin name for the practice and began adopting and spreading it through her teaching.  Over the years, and what really makes Sara a special teacher, she has continued to develop, beyond yin, a holistic system for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Sara’s teachings now includes yin yoga, yan yoga (flow yoga), buddhism, and psychology.  A good place to start with Sarah is her book  Insight Yoga.


Bernie Clark

the complete guide to yin yoga

I love practical approaches to yoga, and Bernie, who is trained as a scientist, has an extremely practical and scientific approach to yoga.  He recently published an in depth, three part series “how to critically analyze yoga articles” over at elephant journal.  It’s not an easy read, but it really helped me clarify why I often come away from yoga articles thinking “this just is not right” or “this is not really yoga.”  Bernie’s book The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga is a must read and the current bible for the practice.


Joe Barnett

I love Joe, or as my wife likes to call him, “Joey”.  For the past few years, Joe has been constantly traveling the world spreading yin, or as he likes to call it, “the other half of a balanced yoga practice”.  Joe travels and teaches so much that there is a good chance you will be able to attend one of his workshops.  I wouldn’t miss it.  His gentle style and deep knowledge are a gift to anyone who practices yoga.  You can keep up with his travel schedule here.


Paulie Zink

paulie zink

Even though I’m always saying, “it’s not about the pose”, I’m a sucker for a crazy picture like the one above of Paulie Zink, looking like some crazy guy straight out of the 1800’s.  Paulie was one of Paul Grilley’s teachers and is therefore known as a founder of yin yoga.  Although I have deep respect for Paulie, I have to admit that his teaching style doesn’t particularly resonate with me.  That doesn’t mean he’s not a great teacher, so I still recommend you check him out.  He can be found at www.pauliezink.com

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Living the Yoga Life

Let Your Consciousness Become Aware of Itself

quantum cloud conscious awareness antony gormley
Quantum Cloud, Antony Gormley





If I could offer you only one piece of advice,

One  that will give you lasting peace and happiness,

plus make the world a better place,

“Let Your Consciousness Become Aware of Itself“ would be it.


The benefits of conscious awareness have been proven

By gurus and science,

And the experiences of  awakened, normal people everywhere.


The rest of my advice below, is no more reliable

Than what I have personally found to be true.


Enjoy the Power of Now.


You will not understand,

Until you realize you are way more than just your mind.

Then you will look back at your old self,

And smile at your ignorance.


You are not as clueless as you imagine.


Don’t Worry.

“I have known a great many troubles in life,

But most of them never happened,” said Mark Twain


The real (so called) troubles in life

Will be the things you never knew to worry about,

A dreaded thing you could not imagine, suddenly there.

It is.  It may drive you to consciousness.

Or consciousness will allow you to accept it, and will free you from it.


That which you fear most, is the only thing you really need to do.


Enjoy everything.


Accept everyone.  Love everyone.

If  you think you hate someone, try compassion instead,

That person is on the same path, only in a different place on it.


Respect your body.


Let go from your mind all craving and aversion.

No need to want anything, or fear anything.

Trust that our amazing universe will provide for you

In ways better than you can imagine.


Your mind is trying to help, but don’t believe it.

Don’t believe compliments.

Don’t believe insults.

Don’t be proud, it wasn’t all you.

These are so much easier to do than you think…  if you don’t think.


Get rid of everything that is not needed.

It will dissolve anyway.




You don’t need to know what to do,

Just breathe and be present.

Rid your life of all negative things,

And they will be replaced with good things.

You will become an inspiration to others.


Contemplate your absolutely amazing body.

Your hearing, your mind, your ability to heal a cut.

Your body will be gone one day but don’t fear,

Your consciousness will be ok with that.


Your life is like swimming in a river,

You can’t control the river,

But you can work with the flow to swim around the rocks.


Maybe you will get that partner,

Or that job, or whatever you think you want.

Or maybe you won’t.

Neither outcome matters if you are conscious to it.




Like, really… play!

Like your favorite game when you were a kid.


Don’t follow directions,

Follow your heart.


Don’t worry about money,

Don’t care how you look,

Actually, don’t care at all.


Get to know everyone.

Every person is an opportunity to help or be helped.

We are all on the same path.


Don’t take those closest to you for granted.

Every time you see them,

Take a moment and look at them as if

You are seeing them for the first time.


Transcend Boundaries


The world is getting smaller,

And more connected.

Be open to other cultures and

Other ways of doing things.


Accept these truths:

You only ever have the present moment.

Your body will die.

What you really are exists beyond name and form.


There will be people who are not yet conscious

And therefore need your compassion.

If you are seeking,

Find those who did but stopped.

They may look different than you expected,

But they found the answer.


Free yourself from your mind,

It is a great tool, but only a tool.


Your consciousness will guide you,

So stop searching everywhere else, it’s already there inside of you.

Have the courage to look within and let go of what is there that you don’t need,

Old deadness, stagnation, bad memories, and pain,

The only thing left will be your conscious awareness.


Consciousness is also everywhere,

It will not die,

It is all you need.

And all that you are.


And don’t take anything too seriously.

Including me.


This piece was inspired by Mary Schmich’s “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young.”  I found her article interesting and entertaining, but as a yogi, wanted to say what my advice would be…