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020 Ana Milikian – Open Your Mind and Discover…

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In this episode of Practically Conscious, I talk with Ana Milikian,

psychologist, marketing coach, motivational speaker, and host of The Mindset Zone – one of the Huffington Post’s top “15 Podcasts that Will Leave You Pondering Life’s Big Questions”.

I love so many things that Ana does.  When she finds a challenge, she goes to the best teachers out there.  She focuses her coaching on a specific group of clients, working with people who are already passionate about making a difference.

She places an importance on gratitude, not as a general concept, but she insists on  getting specific about what we are grateful for.

We discuss many other topics, including exercise as a means of helping reduce stress and anxiety, traveling as a way to see the world from a different cultural point of view, and having the courage to be imperfect as opposed to using perfection as an excuse for postponing action.

This is definitely an episode worth listening to- enjoy!

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Ana talks about the two face vase
Ana talks about the two face vase

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