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Living the Yoga Life

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From the first ten episodes of the podcast.  These are things that really stuck with me, ideas that make practical sense, or that I never thought of before, or that helped to clarify something for me.  Additionally, I talk about a great way to work on living a fulfilled life from Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love.

I mention a number of audio books and podcasts that I listen to including:

Eckart Tolle



Tony Robbins

Brendan Bouchard

Marie Forleo

This American Life with Ira Glass


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Living the Yoga Life

Complaining is Ok. It’s a Sign This Can Change.

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You probably don’t complain

about gravity because it’s not something you can change.  Occasional complaining is ok because often, the things we do complain about are things that we can change, but many of us keep complaining and never take action.  Why is this?


It feels easier in the short run to avoid making concrete changes and keep complaining because this  seems to involve less risk.  Easier to read about change on the internet than actually make change, easier to stay in the rotten job and keep collecting the paycheck, easier to stay in the bad relationship than risk being alone.  But this lack of action leads down a slippery slope to a life of unease and happiness.  So what to do?

Step 1: Take Responsibility for Your life.

If you keep blaming others or things outside of yourself for your current situation, you will feel powerless to make change happen.  You do have the power to live the life of your dreams, but it all starts with one small, but challenging step.  That step is to turn inward and accept 100 percent responsibility for your life and all that is in it.  Only from this place of self acceptance, which is a the way to seeing the truth of how things actually are, will make great change possible.  Once you take responsibility, you begin to see things more clearly, you begin to feel a sense of empowerment, and action begins to feel possible.

Step 2: Decide

Often I begin to feel a sense of relief as soon as I take responsibility for my current situation.  This makes it easy to slide into inaction!  Even though you may feel a sense of relief, don’t sit on that feeling!  The next step is to make a decision and take action on it!   You don’t need much of a plan.  Make your best guess at a course of action and consciously decide this is what I am going to do.  Listen to business leaders and you will notice they make they jump to decisions more quickly than most of us and then take action.  They may find they need to make a course correction, but just like when riding a bicycle, it’s easier to correct course once you are moving.  Unless you make a concrete decision and commit to it, your actions will be half hearted, lack conviction, and will not lead you out of current situation.

Step 3:  Take action

Once you have decided, it is surprisingly easy for your actions to have conviction and purpose.  You most likely will still have fear, as fear goes hand and hand with change.  Remind yourself of your decision and take one small step at a time.  Keep going.  Soon than you imagine, you will be amazed at your progress.

Step 4: Make mistakes.

Get banged around.  I remember when I first started investing in the stock market.  I luckily got some wise advice from someone who said, you will lose money in the beginning.  Don’t think of it as the end of your world, think of it as your tuition.  That great advice allowed me to persevere through the initial mistakes of the learning stage and have fun through the process.

So if you find yourself complaining about something, realize it’s a sign that you have the power to change it.  Follow these steps of taking personal responsibility, deciding, and taking action, and you will find yourself breaking through long held limiting beliefs, increasing your levels of happiness and satisfaction, and perhaps even become an inspiration to others.  So make a decision now and take any small action step you can think of today!  Start moving yourself towards a more satisfying life.

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