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From Point A to A

icon b&wThe seeker’s path is both tricky and amusing because it leads from point A to point A.  We tend to look everywhere else, here, there, everywhere, before returning to point A, where the answers are – within.  It’s this way for just about every person I know who has had an awakening.  The seeking often takes place in near desperation, sometimes not even knowing what the question is, driven by an underlying feeling of unease, unhappiness, a sense of not belonging, or a feeling that something is not quite right with life.  We think maybe the answers (or at least pleasant distractions) will be found in travelling, books, gurus, philosophies, universities, careers, and on and on.


I spent many years using my mind constantly, as much as possible, searching for the solution to these problems.  Luckily, somehow I began seeing pointers that it was the tool itself that was the problem.  The first I remember clearly was my teacher saying, “90 percent of your thoughts are repetitive.  So why are you doing that?”  Then I began to hear and read other pointers:


“Stop thinking and all your problems will be solved.”


“Can you find the pause button for your mind?”


“There is no more knowledge needed.  Look inward.”


The literal dropping of thinking was, the first time, a scary proposition.  The feeling was that my very existence might stop.  But somehow I found the courage to do it, and it was like dropping a ball, you just let go.


When you awaken, it is as if the clouds have parted and everything becomes perfectly clear.  And I mean everything.  You go within and everything is there and nothing is there and it is all one.  Yet you are back at point A.  You took a journey that winds up where you started and nothing has changed, but everything is different.  The mind cannot describe what exists beyond the mind, but this space is beautiful for what does not exist here – desperation, unease, unhappiness, stress.  All gone.


I encourage you, stop looking for answers, you already have everything you need.  Turn your gaze, turn your mind inward.  This is all.  The results will be wonderful.