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Two Simple Steps to Eliminating Fear


There is an interesting paradox with fear –

We are often able to step up to life’s critical moments – during a life altering crisis we are deep in the moment, no option but to trust our primal abilities.  Compare this to small changes and new things, where we have time to think and worry.

All fear has the same root –

There’s a potentially bad situation and fear says, “hey, you need to change or avoid this.”  However, most of our fears are not based on actual problems.  Most fears arise from worrying about change.  Unchecked, our thoughts can repeat and mutate to the point where we can come to fear almost anything.

Mistakenly, we think we are helping ourselves by worrying – as if we are strategizing ways to protect ourselves- when in reality we are spending tons of time stressed about potential problems that will never happen or stressing about things that WILL inevitably happen that we have no control over.

When fear kicks in, we are hard wired to avoid the potential threat at all costs, even it the perceived threat is simply a challenge, or something that may actually be good for ourselves and others.  From here it’s easy to think maybe it will be best to avoid change all together.  But avoiding change is impossible, so we are back to worrying again!

You can interrupt this process with two simple steps to eliminating fear –

First, practice feeling your fear physically for a minute or two – literally 60-120 seconds. Fear is actual physical sensations in the body – discomfort in the stomach, shallow breathing, tightness in certain muscles, sweaty palms, etc.  When we give ourselves permission to feel these sensations, they spike then dissipate quickly, similar to opening a can of soda.  Remember, we are not talking about indulging in fearful thoughts, we are talking about focusing on the physical sensations associated with fear, and allowing them to release.

Second, what if we changed the focus of our thoughts?  What if we directed our thoughts towards all the things that can go right from addressing this challenge?  We can imagine the life lessons we can learn, and how we can grow from this situation.  We can ponder the benefits, the amazing opportunities, and the learning that will come from this.  When we re-direct our focus and see the truth of the benefits that lie ahead, we no longer have to fight our fears or run from them, we simply take a different path and our fears, as if by magic, fade away.

Moving From Fear to Growth

By practicing these two steps, we mirror the naturally skilled way we respond to a true crisis.  From here there is deep presence, accepting, and knowing that in the face of every fear there is an opportunity for growth.

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Living the Yoga Life

A Yin Yoga Class for a Healthy Back

Many of us are challenged with back pain

and this class is perfect for returning your back to health and keeping it healthy long term.

In yin yoga, we hold poses for longer periods of time so that we touch, not only the muscles, but the ligaments, tendons, connective tissues, and joints.  The result is that your body feels great and you can move with ease.

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Living the Yoga Life

Practically Conscious Progress

A quick update on the progress of the Practically Conscious Podcast…

I’ve conducted some really great interviews over the last couple of months, editing them down into some shows that I really love and am excited to soon be sharing with all of you.  These shows already have tons of great nuggets of information and advice about yoga, meditation, consciousness, and how to live a really great life.

Practically Conscious is now set to launch mid-September, and will be released weekly on Thursdays.

I have been trying out different intros at the beginning of each episode, here’s the latest:

“This podcast is here to show you that bringing your life to the next level IS possible.  It is possible to live an enlightened, conscious, wonderful, passionate, healthy, and rewarding life.  It IS possible to live in an almost continuous state of bliss.  I’ve been passionate about personal development since I was a kid and I’ve often asked myself, ‘why is that?’  Well, I’ve always wanted to maximize my bliss, those most amazing peak experiences that are the highlights of life. This doesn’t mean I didn’t have some pretty rough times along the way, but I did figure a lot of this stuff out. Eventually people started asking how I made such a profound shift, and I found I really enjoyed sharing what works for me.  Once you shift your lens to view life this way, the whole thing becomes a heck of a lot more easy, your life falls into balance and everything flows naturally. We’ll explore the tools for how to get you there, and if you’ve already found your way, we’ll have entertaining and inspiring conversations that’ll help keep you in an awakened state.  Welcome to Practically Conscious…”

I’d love to hear your suggestions for show topics and ideas for people to interview!  Feel free to make a suggestion in the comments section below, or e-mail me your ideas at chris@chrisbrownstudios.com.

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