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025 Daniel Stewart – Exploring the Sacred – Psychotherapy,…

025 Daniel Stewart

Beloved LA yoga instructor Daniel Stewart is a multi-faceted teacher

and student, constantly exploring life and playing with whatever it sends his way.  Initially a successful music video film maker and producer, Daniel gradually shifted his focus to studying yoga and psychotherapy and also re-kindling his early love of music by integrating Kirtan into his practice.

Daniel began his teaching career by powerfully helping students at an eating disorder center, and his yoga and psychotherapy career expanded from there.  He currently maintains a private practice as a therapist, teaches yoga at his studio Rising Lotus, leads retreats, conducts teacher trainings, teaches yoga philosophy, is contemplating a documentary about his father’s contributions to Jungian psychotherapy, and much more!

Daniel has had a fascinating life and is always looking for ways to pass along what he has learned to the rest of us.  We were super fortunate to have him on Practically Conscious and we can all learn from him.


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